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Discover Rimini and the hinterland

For a really complete vacation you can't explore the beautiful historic centre of Rimini and the Romagna! Here are some of the most interesting destinations.

The city of Rimini is cheerful and hospitable town best known for its 15 kilometres of beaches and fun, but not everyone is familiar with its most ancient and fascinating, with centuries of history that have left cultural traces of the utmost importance.

Land of Roman conquests, witnessed even today by thearch of Augustus, Tiberius bridge and the amphitheatremain thing, she then lived the Renaissance era characterized by vicissitudes of the Malatesta family, who during his presence gave birth to the Tempio Malatestiano and Castel Sismondo, today the seat of important cultural exhibitions.

Among the streets of the Centre you can let yourself be carried away by romantic atmosphere of its streets, including the most important piazza Tre Martiri and piazza Cavour, and the characteristic local markets hidden amongst the oldest streets of the city.

It is the oldest Republic in the world, located inside Italian State covers a territory of only 61 square kilometres. Today, it is one of the most interesting attractions for tourists from around the world interested in history, culture and shopping.

Ancient village perched on a hill of the Valley malatestiana. Over the centuries has been protagonist of major historical events, passion and culture. Among the most famous it is impossible not to mention the troubled and passionate love story between Paolo and Francesca narrated by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy.

These two towns perched in the Valmarecchia is a small jewel of history and characteristic medieval atmosphere. From these heights you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and experience unspoiled nature.

Recognized for its impressive Malatesta fortress is now a target of interest for many art lovers thanks to its medieval Piazza Maggiore with its neoclassical portico.

The fortress of San Leo, perched on a cliff overlooking the Valley will leave every visitor breathless. In order to visit the country you have to go from one front door, after you can admire the piazza with the Romanesque church, the Cathedral and the castle with the prison where he was locked up Cagliostro.

Urbino is situated between the valleys of the rivers Metauro and Foglia, on two mountains from which there is a vast landscape of green hills and majestic mountains. The historic centre is enclosed in the bastion walls of bricks, always bustling day and night from visitors and students.

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